Film Review: Baby Driver

Hello there! In this week’s blog I’m going to be writing a review on the film me and Oli saw the other week called Baby Driver.


Baby Driver is about a man who has got into debt with a con artist and he has to be the getaway driver for clients. He slowly pays his debt off but once he thinks it’s over, they tell him he has to keep driving.

Baby has tinnitus so he plays music to drown out the ringing. He developed it when his parents died in a car crash.

Baby falls in love with a waitress at the diner his mum used to work at and tries his best to protect her and his disabled foster father.


I wanted to see Baby Driver because it looked action packed and stars Ansel Elgort from The Fault in Our Stars. Ansel’s acting is always good and he didn’t disappoint.

However, I don’t think the plot was well thought out as there were moments where the film lulled and I lost interest.

The best parts of the film are the speeding cars and getaways. They were all entertaining and came with a few surprises.

We see Baby develop a conscious for the victims of the robberies and soon he is committing crimes himself to protect his loved ones. We slowly see him find his way as his feelings develop for Debora (the waitress). However, he kills to protect her and ends up in prison.

We then flash forward to when he is released from prison which felt rushed. I thought the film would perhaps end differently.

The women in the film aren’t given exciting roles; Debora is your typical waitress who dreams of running away with Baby and we only see Debora when Baby pays attention to her. He has to let her down on several occasions to protect her but his foster father ends up hurt instead. No matter what Baby does, people keep getting hurt.

Debora doesn’t seem to have many opinions about anything and by the end of the movie she seemed irrelevant and Baby seems to see her in the same light as his mother – good singer, a waitress, beautiful.

Darling, the only other female character is a typical criminal sitting on the side of her vengeful husband until she dies and Buddy inevitably seeks revenge on Baby.

Overall, I enjoyed the film because of the fast cars and Ansel. The plot, however, wasn’t the best and Buddy makes Baby deaf so his ringing in his ears is now stuck there without music to drown it out.

I’m going to give this film 3.5/5 ✩

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Book Review #5: Geekerella by Ashley Poston

Well hello there! I’m glad you stopped to take a look at my review of Geekerella by Ashley Poston. I will be giving a brief overview about what Geekerella is about and then my review and thoughts on the book.


Geekerella is Ashley Poston’s newest novel and it’s about a girl who is obsessed with Starfield, a sci-fi TV series which is getting a film made out of it. Danielle – or Elle as she’s referred to – lost her mother and father at a young age and she has to live with her wicked stepmother and step sisters; just like Cinderella. Elle’s dad started a convention called Excelsicon for people to come together and celebrate different fandoms. Elle decides to enter a cosplay contest at the con with her parents clothes to try to win tickets so she can move to LA, far away from her evil stepmother.

Elle starts texting a random stranger about Excelsicon and they start to bond – little does she know this person is Darien Freeman, the actor to play Carmindor in Starfield’s new reboot. And she is not happy! She believes Darien is just a self obsessed guy with abs.

This book is all about fandoms coming together, love, friendship and finding out who you are.


I had high expectations for Geekerella since I had seen that almost everyone on Instagram has a copy; I had to see what all the fuss was about – and get my hands on that beautiful cover! And trust me, this book delivered.

Even though I didn’t understand some fandom references, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this magical book about a girl finding her feet in an impossible world. And it is set out like Cinderella, so of course I will love anything fairy tale like! Ashley makes us hope for a better life for Elle and the book keeps us on the edge of our seats till the very last chapter. We want to know how it ends even though fairy tales usually end happily ever after.

I really enjoyed how witty Ashley made the characters, how she made the dialogue come alive and my favourite character has got to be Sage, Elle’s best friend since she is such a bad ass!

Ashley captures what I imagine it would be like to be a movie star in a world where none of your secrets are private, where your social life is an open book for all to read. Darien wants a normal life outside of his acting career and Elle just wants someone to care for her after everything she’s been through.

Geekerella teaches us that no one is perfect and that there is hope in this impossible world.

Throughout the book there are quite a few spelling errors which makes me cringe but apart from that I really enjoyed the characters and the plot. This is definitely one of my favourite reads of this year!

We see the characters unfold and step out of their shell slowly, the way it would happen in real life. This book is half fairy tale, half reality, giving us a perfect balance for fantasy and contemporary lovers alike.

Overall, I would rate this book 4.5/5☆

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